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SpywareDoctor Review:

Spywaredoctor is widely regarded as the “best” protection against adware and spyware. It has earned itself some rave reviews from all the major computer magazines like PC Magazine, PC World, PC Pro and was even featured on Dr. Phil where he recommended Spyware doctor to protect yourself against identity theft. Spyware doctor and its incredibly simple and user friendly interface has taken all the guesswork out of being safe online and has won PC Magazine’s users’ choice award for 3 years running.

All the media hype about software can easily be misleading. The question is whether Spywaredoctor is really as good as everybody says? The makers of Spywaredoctor, PcTools®, has been around since 1998 and Spyware doctor is currently in release 4 which is a vast improvement on the first rather crude release. PcTools® offers more than a dozen specialized software packages that all integrate seamlessly into Spywaredoctor. This gives you the ability to expand your protection significantly and allows you to customize your level of protection according to your unique needs.

Spyware doctor’s IntelliGaurd Technology is definitely one of the best and offers you real time protection against virtually all known spyware and adware on the internet today. Their definitions database contains more than 68,000 signatures and the real time protection prevents adware and spyware from even getting onto your computer in the first place. Their definitions database gets updated daily and will automatically download and install the latest definitions to keep you protected against all the latest threats.

Spywaredoctor is an excellent spyware removal utility and offers great flexibility in a sexy and easy to use interface. In  addition to protecting you from the usual threats of adware, spyware, Trojans, worms and keyloggers it also includes a special monitor for Instant Messengers (Instant Messenger Guard) which protects you against one of the newest “loopholes” that hackers have found into computers.

Despite all the hype and the great reviews, Spywaredoctor is “that” good, but it’s far from perfect. It’s is quite heavy and can suck up a lot of your computer’s resource which can slow you computer down. I found it to be a little “overprotective” and it would often block out sites and pop ups that I actually wanted to see.

best6Best Features:

• Ability to detect, remove and block spyware and adware like no other software package out there.

• Number of really cool and unique features like Password Protect and Instant Messenger Guard.

• Very thorough database of spyware definitions that updates daily to keep you protected at all times.

• Certified Microsoft Partner & endorsed by some highly respected sources – making it very reliable from a security point of view.

worse6Worse Features:

• Price. Although the basic version is pretty good value for money, by the time you get all the plugins and extensions it can add up. You also have to renew your licence once a year (and pay for it).

• The free version is limited – it will detect the spyware and give you a detailed description, but won’t remove it. You have to buy the full version to be able to remove it.

• It tends to take over a little and almost becomes like a Big Brother on your computer and at times I feel it’s a bit overprotective.

clipboard6Spywaredoctor Checks For and Removes:

Spywaredoctor is designed to detect, remove and block the following threats and their definitions database covers the following adware and spyware threats:

• Spyware
• Adware
• Trojans
• Browser Hijackers
• Keylogger
• Malware
• Worms
• Trackware
• Spybots
• Unwanted Toolbars
• Phishing
• Instant Messenger Threats